Fast GPU-based Adaptive Tessellation with CUDA

  • University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Eurographics 2009
Overview of the CudaTess framework for adaptive tessellation.


Compact surface descriptions like higher-order surfaces are popular representations for both modeling and animation. However, for fast graphics-hardware-assisted rendering, they usually need to be converted to triangle meshes. In this paper, we introduce a new framework for performing on-the-fly crack-free adaptive tessellation of surface primitives completely on the GPU. Utilizing CUDA and its flexible memory write capabilities, we parallelize the tessellation task at the level of single surface primitives. We are hence able to derive tessellation factors, perform surface evaluation as well as generate the tessellation topology in real-time even for large collections of primitives. We demonstrate the power of our framework by exemplarily applying it to both bicubic rational Bézier patches and PN triangles.


Schwarz, M., Stamminger, M. 2009. Fast GPU-based adaptive tessellation with CUDA. Computer Graphics Forum, 28, 2 (Proceedings of Eurographics 2009), 365–374
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